Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

Medical Fitness and Wellness Group Johns Creek is proud to offer Virtual Personal Training. Find out how effective and super convenient virtual training can be. Workout in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a SKYPE connection and webcam. Perfect for business travelers’ or those that cannot make it to the studio. We can train you anywhere in the world!, and you will train with a live trainer at the time of your choosing! (EST).

We will custom design you a personal training program for your goals and limitations. Your training will consist of endurance training for Cardio, resistance training to get you toned and fit, stretching for improved flexibility, Corrective exercise to address any muscle imbalance you may have, as well as a nutrition cosultation to keep you on track with your eating habits.We will monitor your progress every 30 days to make sure you are on-track to acheiving your goals.

Benefits of Virtual Personal Training

  • Let’s you get a workout in even when you cannot make it to the studio.
  • Time saving and convenient way to train without having to sit in traffic or allocate extra time to travel to studio.
  • Ability to train in the the comfort of your own home or hotel room.
  • Great for business travels who want to get a workput in while out of town.
  • Same real-time LIVE interaction you would get if you were at the studio.

Why should I train with weights? I do just fine with my cardio?

Did you know for each pound of muscle you put on your body, that pound of muscle can burn up to 25 calories per day? So if you were to put 10 pounds of muscle on your body in place of fat, you are essentially burning 600 more calories a day doing nothing. Now times the 600 calories times 7 days in a week. you are now burning 4200 extra calories in a week. There are 3500 calories in a pound, so now you have over a pound deficit per week essentially losing 1 pound a week just by putting a little muscle on your body. Sound good? That is how to acheive SUSTAINED weight loss.

Resistance training combined with cardio is the most effective weight loss solution, and of course good nutrition to compliment it, as that is 70% of the equation. We will teach you how to work out properly to maximize your results and do it without injuring yourself.

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