Type 2 Diabetes Management & Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention, Johns Creek GA

Medical Fitness and Wellness Group Johns Creek are proud to offer our 8 week type 2 Diabetes management and pre-Diabetes Prevention Program. Our nutrition program focuses on regulating your blood sugar at all times to be between 80-120 throughout the day. When your blood sugar level is to high, it signals your body to store fat. When your blood sugar is too low (skipping a meal for instance) the body burns muscle and holds on to fat, energy crashes and cravings increase. By eating in 3’s every 3 hours, the body releases fat, protects lean muscle, eliminates cravings, and increases energy. This program is NOT a diet. It is a better and cleaner approach to eating, and combined with exercise, it will change your life!

Imagine using food to create hormonal balance rather than prescription drugs with dangerous side-effects to lose weight. That’s exactly what eating in 3’s is all about. Eating in 3’s balances your blood sugar, protects your muscle, and triggers your body to consistently release stored fat. Eating in 3’s is eating every three hours with the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Eating protein positively affects your blood sugar hormone glucagon (raises your blood sugar), eating carbs affects your blood sugar hormone insulin (lowers your blood sugar), and eating fat slows down the rate of digestion by inhibiting the release of HCL (your stomachs acid). The combination of the three nutrients in the right portion sizes and intervals keeps your blood sugar balanced.

The 8 week transformation program contains the following:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Education on blood sugar stabilization for Diabetes Prevention and management
  • Personalized meal plans

  • 3 phase guide to help you achieve your goals
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • 5 coaching sessions

Learn how to increase your metabolism, burn fat, stabilize your blood/sugar through-out the day, eat clean, eliminate your risk for Type 2 diabetes, or manage your current type 2 diabetes to keep it from getting progressively worse, and in some cases, reversing it.

Benefits of the program

  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps stabilize your blood glucose levels
  • Improves body composition.
  • Re-energizes your metabolism to burn fat!
  • Improves the activities of daily living

  • Improves hormonal imbalance
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Postural Improvement to reduce stress
  • Steady and consistent weight loss!
  • Keeps blood/sugar levels balanced through-out the day to release stored fat and promote long term weight loss.

Did you know that muscle LOVES glucose? Muscle utilizes glucose(sugar) as a source of energy. The more muscle you have on your body, the more your body will be able to utilize glucose, thereby better controling your blood/sugar levels, ultimately improving how your body responds to insulin. We will teach you how to build toned lean muscle to improve your body composition.

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